Many industries apply steam in their processes. They include heat transfer for process, power plants propulsion, sterilisation, food processing application, process cleaning and even combustion Nox control.



DFINITI’s electric steam generation package provides a one-stop solution for customers who prefer portable size, hassle-free installation and clean energy. We provide a single electrical boiler or packages including deaerator, pumps, electrical boiler and condensate recovery, from atmospheric to high-pressure steam, from saturated to superheated steam.

The steam generation package generally comprises the following major equipment:

  • Deaerator
  • Make-up Pump
  • Boiler with Electric Heater
  • Flash Vessel
  • Piping and Instrument System
  • Control System

The deaerator removes dissolved gas from boiler feed water, preventing the presence of oxygen and CO2 in the steam pipeline from causing corrosion and rust. O2 and CO2 can be reduced to 15ppb with thermal deaerator. It can be further reduced to 7ppb by chemical deaeration. The thermal source comes from the stripping steam provided by the boiler.

The make-up pump pumps de-aerated water from the deaerator to the boiler. While maintaining the water level in the boiler, the pump can increase the pressure of the boiler that helps to provide high-temperature steam.

The boiler is where water is heated up and vaporised into steam. An electric heater serves its purpose by providing the necessary heat source. DFINITI can supply the boiler to ASME S Stamp standard.

Subject to the process design, we can provide a flash vessel to recover steam from flash steam and collect condensate water for recycling or drainage.

Instruments and valves provide essential safety protection and control for the system. They will interface with the control system to facilitate the safe and reliable operation of the system.

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