Establishing processes to recover oil and gas is the core of this industry. Electric Process Heaters are among the types of heaters to heat process mediums like fuel gas, natural gas, oil, condensate, water, etc. One of the primary applications is the gas dehydration unit in which Immersion Heaters serve as TEG Reboiler Heaters. The heaters are customised to downstream and upstream processes to suit various design specifications and requirements such as L-shape and cartridge type elements besides the typical hair-pin tubular heaters.


For onshore oil and gas processing plants, we can offer indirect heating using Water Bath Heater and Hot Oil Heater (electric or fired).

For gas distribution through long pipeline transmission, pressure reduction causes condensation with pressure drop. We can design an Electric Heater to pre-heating or post-heating above the gas dew point.

For large volume gas heating and LNG degasification process, Water Bath Heater (fired) is a preferred option due to high power consumption and where electricity supply is limited.


Offshore typically refers to fixed type Central Production Platform and Wellhead Platform. Others include Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU), FPSO, FSO, FLNG and FSU. At DFINITI, we offer a wide range of heating solutions for offshore applications where footprint is one of the primary considerations. We work closely with our clients, engineering firms and consultants to ensure cost-effective design and manufacturing of heaters. The applications are typical direct heating systems with close to 99% heat transfer efficiency. We provide Fuel Gas Heater, TEG Reboilers, Molecular Sieve Regeneration Heater, Closed Drain, Knock Out Drum and Seal Gas Heaters. Other products include Produced Water Heater and Caustic Water Tank Immersion Heater.

For drilling platform (fixed legs or semi-submersible) or drillship, DFINITI has the Braking Resistor to offer for the DC drive system. We can customise the Braking Resistor with single or multiple bank unit(s). Be it fresh water-cooled, seawater-cooled, or fan-cooled, DFINITI has the right solution for your unique system with improved life expectancy.

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