A hot water calorifier is akin to the hot water heater for domestic use. It provides direct heating whereby an electric heater is inserted into a hot water storage tank to heat up the potable water to a specific temperature within the start-up time as required by client (typically within 3 hours). It is widely used for hot water generation for the living quarters primarily in offshore applications. DFINITI manufactures stainless steel hot water calorifier. Our product delivers hygienic operation and is suitable for industrial, marine and offshore hot water heating.


We are capable of supplying a complete in-built hot water calorifier skid with a circulation pump for hot water circulation. Recirculation pipework is essential to maintain the hot water temperature in the pipework and to minimise dead legs. Aside from that, it is crucial to maintain the temperature at a specific range in the hot water system. A minimum temperature is required to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria whereas a maximum temperature is vital to avoid scalding and to enable energy savings.


Hot water creates a complex environment that enhances the existing capability of naturally occurring minerals to cause corrosion, scale deposits and odour problems. Hot water is much more corrosive than cold water. As water is a universal solvent, it will naturally corrode (or dissolve) steel materials. The corrosion is typically a chemical reaction whereby steel reacts with water and oxygen, resulting in rust. Our hot water storage tanks are professionally engineered and can be designed to meet your unique project requirements. We always make sure we carefully conduct materials selection to manufacture quality and safe products that can withstand high water temperature and pressure.

Incidents like exploding or bursting tanks, damage to property and scalding and injury of persons due to a hazardous level of pressure and temperature are increasing because of quality and safety issues. At DFINITI, safety is our top priority. We build our hot water calorifier with Air Vent Relief Valve (AVRV) and Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) for high protection. AVRV protects the hot water storage tank from vacuum while PRV protects the hot water storage tank from overpressure.

We ensure that not only do we deliver a cost-effective system, but also a safe operation through the life cycle.

Equipment & Instrumentation

  • Hot Water Calorifier Storage Tank
  • Hot Water Calorifier Electric Heater
  • Hot Water Circulation Pump
  • Local Control Panel
  • All Instrumentation (PT, TT LG, etc.)


  • Line Sizing Calculation
  • Pump Calculation
  • Storage Tank Sizing Calculation
  • Electric Heater Sizing
  • Valve and Instrument Sizing


Design Code

  • ASME VIII Div 1
  • PD 5500
  • API 510
  • Petronas Technical Standard (PTS)
  • DOSH
  • International Plumbing Codes
  • AS1210 or Other Relevant Codes

Element Material

  • SS316L, Incoloy, etc.

Tank Material

  • SS316/316L

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