We cater our products to downstream petrochemical industries and refining crude oil, LNG plant. Critical processes such as Continuous Catalyst Reforming Unit (CCR) require high-temperature precision control and minimum pressure drop. Like process licensors, UOP and AXENS, we can design to meet process requirements in multiple stages heating for high-temperature output.

For LNG applications, dedicating special attention to the design of the heat flux of heating elements in the vaporising process is necessary to prevent temperature shock when dealing with extremely low LNG temperature.

In palm oil and oleochemical industries, we offer steam, hot oil or water indirect heating. For Bio-Methane gas, our Ex-proof heaters come in handy where direct heating is possible.

For other applications such as steam regeneration system, DFINITI offers a complete package that includes the Electric Boiler, Deaerator, Flash Drum, etc.

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