An Industrial Vaporiser is used to vaporise or turn cryogenic fluids into gases. For cryogenic applications, the heater will heat the very low-temperature liquid and vaporise it. The gas can then be further heated by a gas heater in the second stage of heating to the desired temperature.

Due to exposure to an extremely low-temperature process, the heating element is designed to low heat flux for direct heating. Alternatively, indirect heating using a medium like hot water can be used.

Please refer to our Bath Heating System brochure for more details about indirect heating.


LPG/LNG, Liquid Hydrocarbon, etc.



工业汽化器用于汽化或将低温流体转化为气体。 对于低温应用,加热器将加热非常低温的液体并将其蒸发。 然后可以在加热到所需温度的第二阶段中通过气体加热器进一步加热气体。

由于暴露在极低温过程中,加热元件设计为低热通量以直接加热。 或者,也可以使用热水等介质进行间接加热。



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