Fired Heater

fire heater
fire heater

Fired Heating System can be designed with direct heating or indirect heating using Thermal Oil (Hot Oil) circulating system. The system comprises of Burner, Blower, Circulating Pumps, Hot Oil Storage Tank, Expansion Tank, Stack, Control Panel, valves, instruments and piping.

– Fuel Oil, Fuel Gas, Dual Fuel or Coal.
– Single burner up to 24MW
– Low Nox or Low Low Nox.

Heater Chamber and Tube: Design to DIN or API standard.
Pressure Vessel: ASME standard or other specified.
Control System: Burner Management System and E&I Control Panel.


– Crude Oil Processing and Transportation
– Petrochemical and Refinery Industries
– Chemical Industry
– Textile Industry
– Pulp & Paper