Electric Immersion Heating

electric immersion 03 -570x380
electric immersion 03 -570x380

The Electric Heater is to heat the medium in the tank to reduce viscosity at desired temperature for ease of flow or pumping out of the medium. The medium can be condensate, bitumen, chemical or any sludge collected in the sump tank.

Beside the conventional design, the heater can be designed with withdrawable element which allow replacement of heating element without draining the tank to offer quicker turnaround time. This is also called online replacement.

For underground tank design where only access is from the top, L-shape heater can be provided.

Supply Voltage       : max 690VAC

Power                     : up to 5000KW in a single unit

Certification            : ATEX/IECEx, Exd/Exe IP66 T1-T6

Gas Group             : IIA/IIB/IIC