We support you with timely and resourceful after-sales initiatives.

DFINITI recognises the importance of after-sales support. We understand that you will need our support and assistance to attend to matters and requirements relevant to the products and services delivered to you. Our team is always ready to serve our customers by providing professional and timely after-sales support. We will work closely together with you to ensure you receive the resources and support you need.

On-site or classroom training

We always support our customers by guiding them on proper management and maintenance of the system and equipment to ensure safe operations and to sustain the performance of the system and equipment throughout its lifespan. Proper management and maintenance will help to minimise disruptions and repair works and maximise the lifespan of a product.

24-hour response time during weekdays

Whether it is a scheduled, unscheduled or urgent site service request, customers can count on us to mobilise our engineers in the shortest time possible. We are committed to responding to our customers’ requests and requirements as quickly as possible.

On-site repair and modification

Our engineers and technicians are highly trained and well-experienced to perform on-site services. Upon receiving a request, we will arrange for our team to be deployed to the customer’s site to deliver prompt assistance. Necessary site inspections will take place to identify the appropriate repairs and modifications needed.

Common spares are readily available

We understand that replacement is expected for parts that are subject to wear and tear. DFINITI reserves common stock items in the store to help you prepare for any critical and urgent replacement you need. We provide the required spares to you in the shortest delivery time possible to help minimise disruptions to your operations.

Pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and troubleshooting support

We always ensure that your process heating system and equipment are properly set up and operating smoothly. We provide onshore and offshore commissioning experts to complete all required start-up inspections and commissioning. Any required troubleshooting support will be provided promptly to avoid any delay in operations.

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